Trinacria- Prosperity & Good Luck!

Good Afternoon,

Our family has enjoyed some much needed down time. Including me and my blog, ahaha!!! But break time over! Excited to show you my Sicilan treat!!!

A couple of weekends ago, I was blessed to have a girls weekend trip away with my good friend Rachel. I just came back from Paris 3 days earlier. But after spending 12 days with my family traveling, I was in desperate need of girl time, alone and QUIET!!!!! Yes!!!

Rachel & IWe traveled to Taormina! This beautiful town is right on the cliffs, and its just breathtaking. I told Rachel that I wanted to buy some kind of pottery or trinket that would remind me of our time here Sicily. But the pottery colors are nothing that match my style or kitchen for that matter. But as we were strolling through the streets. I saw it!!! A trinacria and it was the color I had been looking for!!!! Eeekkkk!!! I was so excited. I went and bought it immediately!!!

DSC_0001A trinacria is the symbol of Sicily! Its on the Sicilian flag!

2000px-Sicilian_Flag.svg The three bent legs represent good luck and prosperity. The term Trinacria means “triangle” as for the 3 main points of Sicily. The braided wheat represents fertility of the island.

An important element in the symbol is the head of Medusa, and to understand who she was we have to talk about Gorgons. Which I know nothing about, ahaha!

So I guess Gorgon was a terrible creature made up, in part, of the three daughters of the Gods of the sea (Medusa was the most powerful and famous); as well was a hair-do of snakes the creature possessed bronze hands, gold wings and wild boar’s tusks; Gorgon lived at the ends of the earth and could petrify a man with its glance.

In the representation of the Sicilian trinacria the terrifying aspect of this female monster was reduced to a sweet-looking young maiden. The version proposed for the official banner of Sicily shows the image of a kind nature goddess rather than a fearful monster. Which Im glad, ahaha!

I am so happy that I have a perfect reminder of our stay here in Sicily!!! And when I look at it, I will also remember my wonderful time spend with my sweet friend Rachel in a small little town on the cliff of Sicily! ❤

Sicilian quoteCiao,

Icela! 🙂

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