Bastogne War Muesum and Luxembourg!!!!

In December Matthew had two swim meets in Germany!!! It was a week of half work & half play! Thank God the first part of the week was work and the second half was play! We decided to relax at the end of our trip on the wonderful base of Ramstein!!! Its like the Marriott of military bases, ahaha!!! (Sorry Air Force friends) 😉

Joel and I are huge history nerds. And when I told him that Luxombourg was only an hour and a half away from base, that perked his interest.  My biggest sight I wanted to see there was General Patton’s grave. He was one of many rock stars during WW2 in my opinion, ahaha! So we looked at the map and my honey saw that Beligium was just 30 mins further than Luxembourg, ahaha! Oh goodness, he saw the town of Bastogne on the map! He was sold!!!


Okay, I LOVE  history but this man loves military history!!! A huge battle was fought in the town of Bastogne Belgium right towards the end of the war during a very cold week in December, and of course right during Christmas!

This museum is only a couple of years old and I HIGHLY recommend it! When we got back from our trip, I was telling anyone who would listen about this great museum. This museum was very well done, and coming from DC the home of museums. This place had a level to compete with. And boy did it ever!!!

When you walk in, the information desk gives you a headset based on your language. You just hang the player around your neck and put the headphones on.  As you walk through the museum, the exhibits give off signals and plays the info. No messing around with which number was I on? Or how do I rewind? Easy for kids too!!! They even had a kids version.


So what I loved about this place was the story it told through that headset. Its a true story about 4 TRUE individuals and how the war affected them. One as a US soldier, a Germany soldier, a teacher and a child around the age of 12, I believe. So going through the museum it starts with the reason of WW2 but it also tells you their story as they l lived it during  the battle in Bastogne.


This is the best part, you also go through (3) interactive theaters. One was a war conference room. Another you are in the woods in Bastogne, in the theater you sit on tree stumps, the room is cold to make you feel as the soldiers do. Then the presentation begins. I won’t give it away! But it was very very cool.

DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0096

So the last room you are in a local cafe in Bastogne. This last presentation tells you the last day of the battle. It was very moving and had some surprises that I wasn’t expecting. Like I said very cool museum!!!


You walk to the end of the museum and you sit and listen to your final entry. And its like a “Where are they now?” on the 4 lives you have learned so much about. Very nice way of having closure! Love endings like that. Like I said HIGHLY recommend taking the time to drive out there. 2 hours from Brussels or an hour or a half from Ramstein if you are in Germany!!! Just saying!!!

And if you need further convincing! If you are coming from Ramstein, you passed by a Dunkin Donuts in Luxembourg on the way back! ahaha!!!

Ah Luxembourg!!! Beautiful tiny country!!! The only thing I wanted to see was the cemetery that Patton was buried in!!!  Alas!!


Its a beautiful little cemetery, not as big or grand as Normandy. But very humbling. The below picture was in the cemetery visitors center and I thought it was so moving!!!! DSC_0114


Don’t wanna forget to mention another somber place, the German cemetery just a half mile from this cemetery. We visited that one as well!!!  We had a great day! Funny how you can visit two countries in one day, then drive back to the other country were we are staying in, ahaha!!

And don’t forget if you are in Germany and going to Luxembourg or that AMAZING museum in Bastogne, you can treat yourself to yummy donuts on the way back!!! 😉

IMG_5467 IMG_5470

Thanks again for reading & have a great weekend!!!


Icela 🙂

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